Product detail

Affected product: Koha
Affected version: (This vulnerability was discovered on November 2023)
Affected components: '/members/' and 'admin/'

A multiple CSV Injection vulnerability in the '/members/' and '/admin/' endpoints within Koha Library Management System version <= 23.05.05 allows malicious staff users to inject DDE commands into input fields via the 'Budget' and 'Patrons Member' components. When a victim exports this data as a CSV file and opens the file containing the un-sanitized DDE command, the code executes, potentially launching programs on the victim's endpoint if macro security is disabled.


Install Koha from official Koha Github repository GitHub page

Installed Koha version 23.05.05


1. Insert DDE command below into affected field

DDE ("cmd";"/C cmd";"!A0")A0 DDE ("cmd";"/C notepad";"!A0")A0

2. Export data as CSV

3. Victim open CSV with a macro setting disabled

DDE command was un-sanitized